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How It Works

It's Free! is free for job seekers. There is no cost to you to use our service.

Easy to Use! is a user-friendly website where you can quickly create an online resume, search job postings and connect with employers. Just follow these easy steps to get the most out of our service:

1) Create your resume - use the resume builder to create an online version of your resume.

2) Post your resume - post your resume within our searchable resume database by modifying your resume visibility.

3) Receive invitations - receive invitations from employers who find your resume in our searchable resume database.

4) Browse opportunities - browse the job postings, events and announcements to quickly find opportunities that interest you.

5) Search opportunities - conduct searches to use more advanced criteria in your job search and to set up email alerts.

6) Prepare your application - store the sensitive information, answers, and documents you plan to use when submitting your application.

7) Respond to opportunities - respond to job postings, events and announcements and track your activity history.

8) Correspond with employers - send messages to employers and receive messages from employers using your message center.

9) Update employers - let employers know when you are no longer interested in their opportunities by updating your account status.

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