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1. Blended Learning Specialist - Dade, Broward, Palm Beach or Monroe County 1 Florida Virtual SchoolOrlando, FL
2. Migrant Tutor/Advocate 1 Lake County School DistrictTavares, FL
3. Elementary Education 2 Brevard Public SchoolsViera, FL
4. Guidance Counselor 1 Brevard Public SchoolsViera, FL
5. Geometry Teacher Needed!!! - Fort Myers, FL TBD Charter Schools USAFort Myers, FL
6. ESE/Gifted Teacher Needed!!! - Jacksonville, FL TBD Charter Schools USAJacksonville, FL
7. Curriculum Specialist Needed!!! - Jacksonville, FL TBD Charter Schools USAJacksonville, FL
8. Substitute Teachers Needed!!! - Bradenton, FL TBD Charter Schools USABradenton, FL
9. Middle School Math 1 Imagine Charter Schools at South LakeClermont, FL
10. Art Teacher 1 Tiger AcademyJacksonville, FL
11. Admissions Recruiter 1 Acclaim Academy Multiple (4)
12. Intensive Math/Technology Teacher Needed!!! - Jacksonville, FL TBD Charter Schools USAJacksonville, FL
13. Student Services Coordinator Needed!!! - Jacksonville, FL 1 Charter Schools USAJacksonville, FL
14. HS Guidance Counselor (Homestead, FL) 1 Charter School AssociatesMultiple (2)
15. Reading Coach (K-6) 1 Charter School AssociatesHomestead, FL
16. Math Coach (K-6) 1 Charter School AssociatesHomestead, FL
17. ESE Specialist 1 Inlet Grove Community High SchoolRiviera Beach, FL
18. 2nd & 4th Grade Teachers Needed!!! Plantation, FL TBD Charter Schools USAPlantation, FL
19. Fourth Grade Teacher 1 Lee County School DistrictFort Myers, FL
20. Reading Teacher (grades 6th-10th) 1 Avant Garde Academy of OsceolaKissimmee, FL
21. Elementary Teachers (K-6) in Tampa, FL TBD Charter School AssociatesTampa, FL
22. Algebra 1 Teacher 1 Madison County School DistrictMadison, FL
23. Spanish Language Teacher (part-time/full-time) 1 Scholar Preparatory AcademyJacksonville, FL
24. Elementary Education Teachers 2 Scholar Preparatory AcademyJacksonville, FL
25. Gr 6 thru 12 Certified Math Teachers 4 Charter School AssociatesMultiple (2)

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